Here at between us girls we’ve thought long and hard and created the 5 commandments of fashion. These 5 rules we feel are vital to to staying ahead in the fashion stakes. In no particular order, these are:-

1. Thou shall not save things for best

Guilty. As. Charged. Why, girls, do we do this? WEAR IT. Don’t leave it in the wardrobe waiting for that perfect occasion unless of course it’s a sequinned ball gown,  in which case do save it for the perfect occasion! I’ve lost count of the times I’ve ‘saved’ something only to find it  2 years  later,  forgotten and neglected.  So, buy it, wear it and enjoy it. After all you worked hard for the money to pay for it and as shallow as it sounds when you look good, you feel good. So, scissors at the ready, cut off those tags!

2. Thou shall not buy anything on sale that I wouldn’t consider full price

Repeat this mantra after me: ‘there is a reason it’s in the sale!’ Sometimes, it’s because it’s so fabulous that no-one else has the fashion insight to know how to wear it, – in which case proceed to enter those 4 digits! Other times it’s because it’s a fashion fail. The cuts awful, the fabric is horrible or it’s dry clean only (step away now…no one has the time or money to dry clean a £9.99 top). You know the items….the ones when they came in as new season you predicted would end up with a red tag on. Don’t buy it. You won’t wear it. Save your hard earned cash and move on.

3. Thou shall not buy something that doesn’t go with things I already own

OK girls, this is important. You need to really pause and think “what can I wear with it?”. Obviously for jeans this rule does not apply! They go with everything …add to basket! If it’s a unique pattern or something that’s quite dressy, pause and think. You need to visualise different ways to wear it – can it be casual or is it purely for work? If so, can you wear it with a few different items? If you’re struggling – put it down. You’ll be bored of it if you can only wear it one way and it will end up irritating you in the wardrobe – even if it is £20 reduced from £50!

4. Thou shall not be afraid to donate, sell or throw away

Twice a year it’s good to have a wardrobe blitz! By blitz, I mean a full day in your dressing gown, hair up, not a scrap of makeup kinda day where you pull out EVERYTHING. Now granted, this isn’t exactly a day at the spa, but the sense of satisfaction at the end is worth it so bear with me. Once everything is out you need to properly scrutinise each item before you put it back. Try on anything you haven’t worn in a year. Does it make you happy? Do you feel good in it? Would you feel confident bumping into old friends wearing it? If not – get rid. Don’t think… well it will be ok if I lose a stone or grow a longer pair of legs. Accept it needs to go (even if it was expensive) and either give it to a charity shop, pass it onto someone else or sell it.  The beauty is you’ll have more room in your wardrobe to be able to see the things you truly love and save time selecting an outfit.

I organise my wardrobe into sections – tops, jackets, dresses etc. and then display these  in colour order. I’ve also invested in those thin velvet non- slip hangers which are great and give you much more space than the wooden ones. If anything needs repairing, pull it out and do it that day. Sew on the missing button, fix the hem, de-bobble the jumper because one day it will be THE thing you need to complete your outfit. …on the day that you sleep through your alarm and you have a meeting at 9am. Trust me.

5. Thou shall keep my wardrobe tidy and organised

After a wardrobe blitz (see commandment 4) you’ll be super keen to keep it organised. However, on week 3 you might feel  that enthusiasm beginning to wane. However, you must keep going! An organised wardrobe will make you feel calm and in control. It will also look nicer which in turn will make you feel happier. Also, it’s a much better start to the day than piles on the floor, things half-falling off hangers and shoes strewn across the room, so make the effort each night to put things away. One of my tips is to buy a kitchen organiser which can be used to keep small bags tidy – mine’s from Homesense. Plus, you’ll end up using them more if you can see at a glance what you have.









If you’re looking for some inspiration look at our ‘Dream, dream, dream‘ board on Pinterest. If I had this sort of space I’d never leave the house.

So what do you think? Which of the commandments works for you? What rules do you follow that you can share between us girls? We’d love to hear from you.