I’m very organised when it comes to packing my beach bag. Over the years, I’ve got this down to a fine art…I know, humour me! Now being a mum of two, if the kids are in tow then there is obviously a second bag, that my husband has responsibility for carrying!. But my bag is all about me! Here’s what I pack…

The all important Beach Bag!

I tend to buy a new beach bag each year. As frivolous as this sounds, if I’ve used a beach bag for a fortnight’s holiday and it’s covered in sand, I’ll either throw it away, or if I can wash it, I’ll give it to my mum! (Anyone else have a mum that asks when she pops round – what can I have?!). Therefore, I don’t spend a lot on one. The striped one is from Primark and the tassel one is from New Look – now reduced to £9. This bag is really lovely, so this is an excellent price for this bag!. As there is never anything valuable in my bag, I don’t like a zip along the top. I prefer easy access to everything. Plus, it needs to be a decent size – these fit the bill perfectly!


Sunglasses & flip flops 

Sunglasses wise, ‘ll wear a more expensive pair when out and about. The black ones at the front are my current favourites by Quay. (Emma I’m blaming you for my new obsession with this range!). And I’ll also throw in a cheap pair. After having expensive sunglasses scratched and damaged by sand, I’ve learnt my lesson! Inexpensive ones in the sea and on the beach are fine. Also, I’ll wear sandals in the day for lunch etc but when I get to the beach, I put on flip flops. Again, a cheap and cheerful pair will suffice, as you can throw them away after they’ve been used.

Clear zip pouch with sun products


This is my top tip! These clear plastic pouches are brilliant for holidays. Use in your luggage for your toiletries, so nothing spills on your clothes. And then use in your beach bag for your sun care products. Typically, the containers get greasy, which in turn gets sand stuck to it, so this separates them from other things in your bag. I then wash, or wipe the pouch at the end of the holiday. This pouch is from TK Maxx and is covered in gold pineapples, so cute! As well as suntan lotion, I have a chapstick specifically for the sun (this is by Nivea) and a specialist cream for my face. This ‘Heliocare‘ brand was recommended to me by a dermatologist and it has really high protection. But you can get similar products in Boots. The La Roche-Posay range is also a big favourite of mine.



Essentials – mirror, wipes, mini hairbrush & body spray 

Clearly, you don’t need a full makeup kit, but if you do go for lunch after a morning on the beach, it’s nice to feel slightly more presentable! I always carry a mini brush with an all important hair elastic wrapped round it. Mini wipes, a travel size body spray and a mirror, which enables me to freshen up! This body spray is by Victoria Secret and it smells divine. They have a good selection of miniatures, so it’s worth taking a look before any hols. Also, if you follow us onInstagram, you’ll know that I was so impressed with this pouch. This is 1 of 3 from TK Maxx for the amazing price of £9.99! Rather than having things loose in your bag, I find it’s always quicker and easier to find things if they are in a wallet.

Reading material, a hat and towel (if needed) 

I’m unlikely to get to read it, but I always take a magazine – just in case I get a 5 minute break from building sandcastles! Plus in the summer months, the magazines tend to have a free gift which is an added bonus. This one came with a Benefit ‘Ready, Set, Brow’ sample. A hat is great for keeping my hair colour intact (see our summer hats post for more inspiration). And if it’s a self-catering UK holiday without the courtesy towels, a beach towel. Primark has some really great designs this year – I particularly like the tassels on this one.









I’ve also found these equally nice beach bags, if you need more inspiration!








And those are my tips and recommendations! Please share any you have in the comments below 🙂