Airbnb hosts have opened up about their worst ever guests and it is disgusting!

Airbnb gives people the chance to offer up their homes to people on holiday, and if you’re lucky you can find some truly special and quirky looking places to stay.

Some people though will have wished they hadn’t considered that, as things went badly wrong.

On Reddit, people have been sharing the worst ever Airbnb guests they’ve ever hosted.

As you might have expected, after some of these experiences, they swiftly chose to stop being hosts!


The guest stole everything

“They used a fake profile and when we got back from vacation everything of value was gone.”

“Still trying to recover damages two months later from Airbnb.” – purpleatte


The guy who died

Big Grams drinking skull alcohol adult swim

“My cousin is a crime scene photographer and had to go take pictures at an Airbnb place a few weeks ago. The guy who was renting it drank himself to death, (left) a ton of empty champagne bottles everywhere (some p***** in) and he had s*** at some point and smeared it all over the place.” – taylerisgr8


This person destroyed everything

Fox TV smh gordon ramsay mess messy

“He left behind 10 fifths of Jack, maybe 10g of marijuana stems, stains all over my California king and another separate king size bed, j*** on the carpet, bathroom liner ripped off, pizza face down on the carpet, and to top it off, he threw my two chairs on the balcony into the pool below.” – lObOtOmize


The one with organic products


“I was woken up suddenly by her trying to “sneak” in my bed (keep in mind she was drunk AF) so it was not very smooth. I asked what she was doing, and told her to use the other room.

“After about 15 minutes she burst the door open and comes into the room trying to sell me some of her organic product called vitamin plus or something. I was furious.” – LarsTheWise


Shower gel lover

sing problem shower problems issue

“Not a huge thing, but a guy left all (and I really mean all) my dishes and plates greasy after staying just one night.

“Weirdly enough, he also used an entire bottle of shower gel.” – Sheraff33

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