British backpacker saved from abduction by texting her dad from Australia

A British backpacker who was ‘abducted’ in Australia and driven away in a car against her will, was rescued after messaging her dad back in England.

Mary Kate Heys, 20, was travelling around Australia when she was taken against her will for two hours by a ‘mentally unstable’ man who was also a backpacker she had been staying with.

She sent a screenshot of their location to her dad, texting: “I need you to call the Australian police. Do not ring me”.

“I’ve been taken by a man… please hurry,” she sent in a further text.

Mary, who is from Manchester, continued to text her dad in secret, sending him Google Maps screenshots to keep him updates as to where she was.

Her dad managed to get in contact with the police, who were able to intercept the car 55 miles away from the hostel thanks to the screenshots she sent.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mary revealed that she had only known the man for just two weeks, but felt that she was able to trust him, before agreeing to head to the Mooloolaba hostel with him.

The pair decided to take an impromptu adventure to Brisbane, but she realised something wasn’t right when he drove north to Cairns, instead of south towards the city.

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