The 10 most difficult countries to visit, according to the man who’s visited every single one

Travelling around the world is something many of us want to do, but very few of us will ever get to experience every single country.

At 28, Henrik Jeppesen from Denmark is only of those lucky few, and he’s been sharing the most difficult countries to visit with indy100.

It took him 10 years and nearly 900 flights to visit all 193 countries.

You might be surprised by some of these!




Henrik travelled to the war-torn country in the middle of the civil war last year. He managed to get into the country via his journalist friend Rasmus Tanthold, which allowed him to get in contact with a Syrian ambassador.

“Having a visa isn’t always enough to get into the country. I flew to Beirut where my contact picked me up and took me to the border. The immigration officer wouldn’t believe I was in Syria as a tourist, but eventually they decided to stamp me in.”




Like many countries Jeppersen has visited, Yemen was experiencing political unrest. He was lucky enough to visit two years ago with the help of a local airline and tour operators before war broke out.

“Today it is almost impossible to visit. Your best bet is to try and find a local fixer.”


Saudi Arabia

FILE- In this Monday, Oct. 6, 2003 file photo, Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh with the 'Kingdom Tower' photographed through a window of the 'Al-Faislia Tower' in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh. Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange has opened up to direct foreign investment for the first time. The decision to open up the Tadawul stock exchange on Monday comes at a crucial time for Saudi Arabia, whose revenue has taken a hit from the plunge in oil prices over the past year. The kingdom is the world’s largest exporter of crude. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber, File)

(AP Photo/Markus Schreiber, File)


“There are no tourism visas for Saudi Arabia so unless you are a Muslim, you have to go for business purposes. Radisson Blu sponsored my visit, but it will be a big challenge for many to find a company to sponsor your visit.”




“Libya is high on my list of the world’s friendliest people”, he said, but travelling there was a different experience.

None of the Libyan embassies were about to help him get a visa. Eventually a contact helped him to get in contact with the foreign press, who helped him to gain a visa and arranged flights for him.


Equatorial Guinea


Henrik calls Equatorial Guinea a “beautiful country”, but says that it is difficult to get to for Europeans. He failed in his attempts to get a visa at various embassies before printing out an A4 information sheet about himself and travelling to Lagos, Nigeria. It was here that he was successful in acquiring the visa he needed.

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