Two friends flew to Spain to meet up because it was cheaper than UK train

Rail fares in the UK really do take the biscuit sometimes. Fares are so expensive in fact that it’s apparently cheaper to fly to another country than pay for a rail ticket as two friends found out.

Two friends living in Newcastle and Birmingham decided to travel all the way to Malaga to meet up because two return flights were cheaper than one round trip train ticket between the cities.

Lucy Walker had planned to visit her university friend Zara Quli for a catch up, but they were quickly thinking of a plan b when they realised it would cost £105.

After some extensive research, Lucy found that she could travel to Malaga for less than £20 return with RyanAir. She also found hostels which were as cheap as £10 per night.

Zara’s ticket ended up being more expensive at £55.29 for a return flight, which was still an incredible saving of £30 overall.

The two ended up spending three nights in the south of Spain and have got us all reconsidering our travel arrangements!

Lucy said: Trying to travel last-minute in the UK is always such a kick in the teeth as they put such a big premium on it.

“There are always these last minute deals for flights so we just checked for a better deal.

“We realised it was cheaper for the both of us to go to Malaga instead. Considering I try to be environmentally friendly it is not something I would normally do but the train is so expensive and this was just so much cheaper.”

Lucy added: “It was more expensive to check a bag in than the cost of the tickets.

“You get quite a generous hand luggage allowance though so we didn’t even need to.”

“Everything is cheaper out there, lots of things that add up in the UK, like the transport to get from the airport into the city is just one euro eighty, about £1,50.

“It works out a lot cheaper when you go out for a drink too. The law in Granada is they have to bring you tapas when you order drinks.

“They start off quite basic but by the time you are on your third drink they start to bring out prawns and things.

“It’s only about two euros for a bottle of beer which is a lot cheaper than over here and by the time you have had a few drinks and the tapas you are stuffed for the price of one cocktail in London.”

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