Uncontacted Amazon tribe stare in wonder at seeing plane for the first time, but they’re under threat

Incredible images have been released of an indigenous community based deep in the Amazon jungle as they saw a plane for the first time.

This structure seen in the snaps is home to 100 Yanomami tribe members who live along the Brazilian, Venezuelan border.

22,000 of the tribe members call the Amazon Rainforest their home, and nearly all of them have never had any contact with the outside world.

The shots were taken by the Brazilian government, and they show the tribe members staring up at the plane in the sky in complete awe and wonder. Many of them holding sticks and wearing very little clothing.


The government have been attempting to assess how large the tribe is in an effort to try and protect them.

It is thought that these tribes are in danger from illegal miners, who are entering Yanomami territory. The miners contaminate their water sources with mercury and can also bring diseases like malaria to their vulnerable immune systems.


Cattle ranchers are also invading the eastern side of their untouched territory.

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