Videos of starving sun bears begging for food in Indonesian zoo cause public outrage

Warning: This post contains graphic and upsetting videos.


Footage shot by the Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group showed several bears begging for food at a zoo in Indonesia.

The emaciated bears can be seen rushing around for pieces of fruit being thrown in by visitors to the zoo. They’re then seen begging them for more.

In one truly shocking video, one of the bears can be seen eating its own faeces.

Speaking to Mashable, Marison Guciano, senior investigator said: “The bears are kept in a concrete cage and no grass. (There is) nothing natural, it is all very cruel.”

The group have reportedly been sending investigators to the zoo from partway through last year to monitor how the bears were living.

Guciano added: “(It is) one of the worst zoos in all of Indonesia. Maybe it would be best if this place was closed down now, before more animals die a painful and avoidable death.”

The Bandung zoo has previously been in the news for neglecting animals, when its endangered Sumatran elephant died after it fell ill.

One of the zoo’s giraffes also died and was found with 40 pounds of rubbish in its stomach according to the petition on

Since the videos went viral, a petition looking to shut down the zoo has reached over 300,000 signatures.

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